About Us

Malabar Medical College and Research Centre is established in the year 2010 as the first medical college in Kerala to have 150 seats at inception. After a decade of dedicated and untiring commitment for grooming the best kind of medical professionals and creating many top ranks for MBBS examinations, the institution is now all set to have 200 MBBS seats starting from the academic year 2022-23 for which the necessary permissions by the state government and university are in place and the sanction of the National Medical Commission is awaited.

The medical college has been offering post graduate courses (DNB) in General Medicine and General Surgery since 2013 and now MD/MS courses are started in 10 various specialties after discontinuing the DNB courses. There are currently an altogether of 28 post graduate seats in MD General Medicine (4 seats), MS General Surgery (2 seats) MD Paediatrics (4 seats) MS Orthopaedics (4 seats) MS Ophthalmology (3 seats) MS ENT (2 seats) MD Anesthesiology (2 seats) MD Psychiatry (2 seats) MD Dermatology (3 seats) MD Community Medicine (2 seats). 25 more post graduated seats are being added in other specialties to be made effective from the academic session 2022-23.

Kozhikode is known for its pool of best talented doctors of the country as the Government Medical College, Kozhikode is recognized as one of the top medical school with handful of highly talented doctors. Malabar Medical College which is popularly known as MMC is also regarded as well as an “annex” of government medical college, Kozhikode as majority of reputed doctors who are retired from government medical college, Kozhikode retired or took volunteer retirement prefer to have the MMC as their next destination.

It would not be exaggerating to say that Malabar Medical College stands among the top private medical colleges of the state when the past results of the MBBS students in their university examinations and overall performance of the institution in various activities including cultural, sports, research of the students and faculties speaks volumes about the institution. Few achievements worth mentioning in the university examinations are as given below.


GARGI G PAVITHRAN (140012157) got 2nd Rank in the Third Professional MBBS Degree part II Examinations Conducted in February 2019

In the First Professional MBBS Degree Regular Examination conducted in August 2014 the following students became the university toppers

1. Ms. ANUSHA A (130011771) 5 th rank

2. Ms HUSNA HUSSAIN T (130011811) 6 th rank

3. Ms. ANU MOHANDAS P (130011770) 11 th rank

4. Mr. SAHAL ABDULLA C. T (130011868) 18 th rank

5. Ms. JIJI. P. P (130011816) 21 st Rank

Malabar Medical College also made its niche in the sports arena as well and it was given the university championship continuously for three years (2014- 15, 2015-16 and in 2016-17).

The proud alumni of our institution have started serving the society and it would be a further feather in our cap to make it public that many of our past students are pursuing their post graduate studies in premier institutions of the country including AIMS, New Delhi.

We wholeheartedly congratulate the incoming students of 2021-22 batch for UG & PG courses for making their options to choose our institution and sincerely welcome them for making their desired destination in modern medicine with strong support of our faculties and other members of MMC family.